In 1835, our forefathers James and George Steuart established colonial Ceylon’s very first business house. The main line of business at the time was the export of traditional commodities such as Tea, Rubber & Coffee. But it was Tea that the company really took pride in developing and transforming to be the hallmark of George Steuart & Company.


James & George Steuart hailed from the Scottish highlands, where Tea in its many varied forms was served more as an art than a way of life. May it be High Tea, Breakfast Tea or simply a Cuppa to cheer, Tea drinking was a fine honed passion.

Steuarts Ceylon Tea Frame Steuarts Ceylon Tea Frame Steuarts Ceylon Tea Frame

Naturally, arriving in Sri Lanka laden with great expectation for indulging in the art of tea making, the Steuart Brothers were dedicated to create their own distinctive blend of Pure Ceylon Tea.


They traversed the island, from North to South, from East to West. Magical discoveries were made. Unique blends of Tea containing distinctive flavours, delightful aromas and scintillating liquors were created. Each blend carried the signature of its origin. Every blend contained a specialty that had the power to arouse the drinker with vivid fantasy.